Sunday, 2 December 2012

Preston University Diploma-Mill

Preston University Diploma-Mill

With the increasing popularity of Preston University, there are constant negative and witty propaganda online to damage the reputation of the institute. There are many blogs and rumors running on the cyber world calling Preston University as a diploma mill and fake degree awarding body. However, the reality is different than being portrayed and Preston is definitely one of the largest and massively reputed tertiary educationinstitutes running in the country. The fundamental logic of rumors calling Preston University a diploma mill is that massive number of graduates passing each year from university. Well! As a matter of fact the reason behind such paramount graduates each year is the reputation and trust of students and masses over the university. The Preston University has established its firm footings on solid grounds and is resent all over the country with firm network of branches. Therefore calling such a well reputed and honorable institute a diploma mill is definitely a dirty, witty propaganda by competitors which should be condemned in strict manner.

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  1. people who says that Preston University is a degree mill should get knowledge first i think. its totally a pure and legal university according to the international standard.